Absoluto Art of Marble

is a professional firm in the stone industry, with over 30 years of experience in importing and supplying stone and marble.


Absoluto aspires to provide its clients with a wide art of unique services, and believes that combining innovative thinking, meticulous design, a variety of premium products, upholding the highest standards, and personal and professional service is the company's secret to success.


We would like to invite you to a personal introductory meeting with one of our representatives; in said meeting you can get an impression of our wide collection of products, their quality, and the many design options available nowadays in the stone and marble world.


Our contact details: Absoluto Art of marble Show room Design center, 2Halechi st. bnei-Brak.2nd floor.

About Us

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דיזיין סנטר, רח׳ הלח"י 2 בני ברק​

שעות פתיחה: 10:00 - 21:00​

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שמעיה ואבטליון 2, סגולה, פתח-תקוה​